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Marching to the beat of an absent drummer: Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduction in the U.S. Power Sector

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posted on 14.07.2022, 20:13 authored by Jeffrey AndersonJeffrey Anderson

As the call to limit the impact of climate change via decarbonization proliferates through global economies, the demand for power sector low- and zero-carbon generation intensifies. In the United States, there has been much debate on the merits and faults of increasing variable renewable energy, natural gas, and nuclear capacity; and because the depth to which all are willing to decarbonize is contested, direction from an overarching national policy is lacking. The absence of a formulaic policy offers the opportunity to explore fossil-fuel fleet reduction opportunities that do not advocate the wholesale replacement of the fleet with a zero-carbon technology, and allows for flexibility and the utilization of existing incentives to nudge the carbon-emitting fleet to emissions reduction. In this dissertation, I examine the role competing mitigation technologies under these conditions can play in decarbonizing the fossil-fuel fleet. To do so, I develop a tool for least-cost emission reductions, use this tool to quantify uncertainty and determine regret in the complex mitigation decision, and analyze the impact that the U.S. tax code has on this choice.




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  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


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