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Practically Efficient Group Signature Scheme

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posted on 18.12.2019, 19:27 authored by Brandon MendrickBrandon Mendrick
Group signature schemes enable a set of members to anonymously sign data on behalf of the entire group. In order to prevent misuse, a designated group manager
has the ability to trace a given signature back to a member. Other extensions can also be realized in speci ffically designed schemes, such as veri fier local revocation (VLR) wherein only the verifi er needs information about the validity status of signing key pairs. This paper contributes two results towards group signature schemes. First, we present a new design for a group signature scheme that is secure under the standard
model, with common relaxations for anonymity. The scheme also enables VLR and allows for fully-dynamic groups; i.e. groups that allow members to both leave and join after creation. Secondly, we implement a preliminary version of the scheme to begin investigating the efficiencies gained through utilizing one-time signing keys, instead of the traditional non-interactive, zero-knowledge proof systems.




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Master's Thesis


Information Networking Institute

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  • Master of Science (MS)


Takanori Isobe

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