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Regenerative Coastal Landscape

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posted on 2023-02-07, 20:14 authored by Siqing Ge

Many coastal areas suffer from severe ecological and environmental problems because of climate change. Worldwide land loss is one of the most severe issues for coastal ecosystems. Coastal land loss is caused by a variety of complex factors, including rising sea levels, erosion, extreme weather events such as hurricanes, and other human activities. When considering coastal protection, there are various design and engineering strategies available for dealing with the coastal land loss problem and adapting to the change. Regenerative landscape design for protection and prevention is the focus of the project. The literature review aids in the development of a regenerative design performance matrix based on the existing regenerative design framework in order to learn from previous situations. In total, 12 coastal protective methods are evaluated based on the coastal protection performance matrix and the impacts of the strategies themselves, such as feasibility and probable durability, local materials, cost, and energy consumption. After building the performance matrix for the existing regenerative design, quantitative and qualitative evaluation is conducted to compare each of the technologies and their performance on regenerative recovery for the local ecosystem. The evaluation also indicates the characteristics of each of the technologies. According to the results of the site analysis, the design for the coastal landscape design is always a process of trade-off and balancing between numerous effect elements. The design proposal aims to develop the local communities by recovering a balanced ecosystem regeneratively, protecting the inner land from the damage of disasters, and collaborating with the local social systems to work on the construction and selfsustaining. This is proposed to function as a possible guideline for the governors, designers, and policymakers for the future design and construction of the coastal landscape to a sustainable and harmonious future with the changes in the landscape and the social fabric. 




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  • Master's Thesis


  • Architecture

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  • Master of Science in Sustainable Design (MSSD)


Dana Cupkova, Azadeh Omidfar Sawyer, Christine Mondor, Sinan Goral

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