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Tomorrow’s Technocultures: A Study in Experiential Futures

posted on 07.07.2021, 15:33 by Amrita KhoshooAmrita Khoshoo
With the nearing Intelligence Revolution, AI will be a
transformative technology and a potential existential
threat. As the AI community is attempting to thoughtfully
approach development, the public needs more positive
and informed cultural narratives to meaningfully engage
with AI. Those that currently dominate the story landscape
depict mythical futures that play into humanity’s greatest fears. These dominant negative images are significant as they may affect the public's ability to shape the future of a technology that may only increase in influence.

Using the Ethnographic Experiential Futures methodology,
this thesis seeks to contribute to pluralizing the narrow
AI narrative landscape by bringing more positive, hopeful
images to life. This study seeks to surface alternative
images of the future from AI and ML experts. Inspired by a
collective imagination, this project ends with the creation
of CTRL+Z(ine), an artifact from the future that hints at a
possible, more hopeful future world. Engagement with this
artifact is meant to encourage insights that might foster
more positive, informed relationships with a potentially
transformative technology.




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Master's Thesis



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  • Master of Design (MDes)


Stuart Candy