Carnegie Mellon University

James Wynn

Associate Professor of English and Rhetoric (Humanities)

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsurgh, Pennsylvania

James Wynn is Associate Professor of English and Rhetoric at Carnegie Mellon University. His interests lie at the intersection of rhetoric, science, mathematics, public policy, and the digital humanities. His first book Evolution by the Numbers (2012) examined how mathematics was argued into the study of variation, evolution, and heredity in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His second book Citizen Science in the Digital Age (University of Alabama Press, January 2017) focuses on how citizen science with aid of digital technologies has reshaped the landscape of argumentation about radiation risk, climate change, and noise pollution as well as the relationships between laypeople, science, scientists, and policymakers. He teaches the courses Rhetoric of Science, Rhetoric and Public Policy, and Rhetoric, Science, and the Public Sphere which explore the rhetorical dimensions within the sciences and in the interactions between science, scientists, policy makers, and publics.


  • From Division to Multiplication: Uncovering the Relationship between Mathematics and Rhetoric through Transdisciplinary Scholarship
  • Accommodating Young Women: Addressing the Gender Gap in Mathematics with Female-Centered Epideictic
  • Arguing with Numbers: The Intersections of Rhetoric and Mathematics
  • Citizen Science in the Digital Age: Rhetoric, Science, and Public Engagement
  • A New Species of Argument: The Role of Mathematics in Darwin's Origin of Species
  • Arithmetic of the Species: Darwin and the Role of Mathematics in His Argumentation
  • Alone in the Garden: How Gregor Mendel's Inattention to Audience May Have Affected the Reception of His Theory of Inheritance in 'Experiments in Plant Hybridization'
  • Building Better Machine Learning Models for Rhetorical Analyses: The Use of Rhetorical Feature Sets for Training Artificial Neural Network Models
  • Improving Climate Change Educational Outcomes for First-year Students Through Multidisciplinary Instruction
  • Meltdowns in the media: Visualization of radiation risk from the printed page to the internet
  • A new species of argument: The Role of mathematics in Darwin's origin of species
  • Alone in the garden: How Gregor Mendel's inattention to audience may have affected the reception of his theory of inheritance in "experiments in plant hybridization"
  • Arithmetic of the species: Darwin and the role of mathematics in his argumentation
  • Exploring Expert Appeals to Ethos with Statistical Corpus Analysis

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