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Panel Data Preparation and Models for Social Equity of Bridge Management

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posted on 2023-03-10, 20:02 authored by Cari GandyCari Gandy, Daniel ArmaniosDaniel Armanios, Constantine SamarasConstantine Samaras

This repository provides code and data used in "Social Equity of Bridge Management" (DOI:  10.1061/JMENEA/MEENG-5265). Both the dataset used in the analysis ("Panel.csv") and the R script to create the dataset ("Panel_Prep.R") are provided. The main results of the paper as well as alternate specifications for the ordered probit with random effects models can be replicated with "Models_OrderedProbit.R". Note that these models take an extensive amount of memory and computational resources. Additionally, we have provided alternate model specifications in the "Robustness" R scripts: binomial probit with random effects, ordered probit without random effects, and Ordinary Least Squares with random effects. An extended version of the supplemental materials is also provided.