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Panel Data Preparation and Ordered Probit Models for Social Equity of Bridge Management

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NBI_Census_Climate_J40_Panel_min3_100yrs_small_avg_50_60: Resulting panel of spatially matched NBI structure, demographic, and climate data from panel preparation script.

 Panel_Prep_NBI_Census_Climate_Gandy_08252022:  This R script requires downloaded and unzipped 1992-2020 NBI ASCII files, downloaded secondary climate attributes, and a U.S. Census Bureau API key to create a panel of spatially matched NBI structure, demographic, and climate data. 

Models_PGLM_NBI_Census_Climate_Gandy2022: R script specifying ordered probit models to produce main analysis from "Social Equity of Bridge Management." Input is the panel of NBI, census, and climate data. Requires R packages PGLM and texreg. 

Key Resources:

Federal Highway Administration. (2021). National Bridge Inventory ASCII Files. Retrieved February 1, 2022, from https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/bridge/nbi/ascii.cfm

Liao, T., Kepley, P., Kumar, I., & Labi, S. (2020). Revisiting the secondary climate attributes for transportation infrastructure management: A Redux and Update for 2020, 1(765).

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