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Panel Data Preparation and Models for Social Equity of Bridge Management

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posted on 2023-01-23, 20:04 authored by Cari GandyCari Gandy, Daniel ArmaniosDaniel Armanios, Constantine SamarasConstantine Samaras

This repository provides code and data used in "Social Equity of Bridge Management". Both the dataset used in the analysis ("Panel.csv") and the R script to create the dataset ("Panel_Prep.R") are provided. The main results of the paper as well as alternate specifications for the ordered probit with random effects models can be replicated with "Models_OrderedProbit.R". Note that these models take an extensive amount of memory and computational resources. Additionally, we have provided alternate model specifications in the "Robustness" R scripts: binomial probit with random effects, ordered probit without random effects, and Ordinary Least Squares with random effects. An extended version of the supplemental materials is also provided.