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Analytical Study of the Development of Production for the Peoples National Gas Company from 1885 to 1938

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posted on 1942-03-01, 00:00 authored by Fenton H. Finn

The study embraces a general statement of the History of Oil and Gas development since the products of these developments were first known to man* It includes a description of the Geological conditions favorable to the accumulation of Oil end Gas In Pennsylvania,

The operations dealing with the development of production for the Peoples Natural Gas Company were studied in detail and described by periods with an analysis of all the factors such as exploration, acquisition of acreage, source of the product, including the sands developed and the required depths of wells. The effect of market requirements on the sources of supply and acceleration of development is analyzed and described in detail.

From a study of the past operating conditions forecasts have been made as to future requirements end the kind and amount of developments that will be needed to fulfill the future demands. The little understood problem of aoreage requirements is studied in detail, end an attempt is made to place this important factor of production on a scientific basis thereby present holdings of acreage may be gauged to fulfill the future requirements of anticipated market demands for Natural Gas,

In a similar manner the amount and cost of the drilling developments of the future have been reduced to a scientific basis and appropriate forecasts have been made.




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